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Sales conditions

1.Seller ID

EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE with legal offices in Via Sebastiano Venier, 10 - 36100 Vicenza (VI), VAT and tax code 03580830242, proprietor of the trade mark MARJPOSA Phytocosmesi., which markets and distributes in Italy and Europe via its sales network and the proprietary internet website www.marjposa.it (below, the "Site").
These general sales terms and conditions are applicable to the offer and sale conducted via the aforementioned website
These General Sales terms and conditions (below, the General Terms), govern the purchase of cosmetic products in the MARJPOSA Phytocosmesi price list (below, the Products), done remotely by telematic means via the Site. Such purchases are destined to users that intend to make use of the Products sales services (below, Customers).
The Customer is required to get informed and read these General Terms before completing any purchase on the Site. Such information, in fact, are meant to be entirely read, understood and accepted by the Customer at the time of placing a purchase order.
To purchase products via the website the customer must: a) be at least 18 years of age or, failing that he/she must be authorized by his legal representative b) be a consumer, that is a natural person that acts for purposes which are outside his/her commercial, artisanal, entrepreneurial or professional business c) possess a valid credit card, one among those indicated in paragraph 8.
The Customer shall then have to observe these General Conditions a consider EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE released by any different terms from the existing ones, not arranged in advance in written form.


Products available on the website for online purchase are cosmetic products contained in the Marjposa Phytocosmesi catalogue. The Customer isn't authorized to resell the goods purchased on the website.
Product info are available on the website and are supplied in compliance with art. 52 and 53 of the Consumer Code.
EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE shall undertake that details, descriptions, images of products on the website are correct once they're entered; however, to the extent permitted by law, does not ensure that such details, descriptions and images are complete, updated and free from errors.
All products are subject to availability and are available while stocks last. EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE reserves the right to adjust at any time the limit to quantities and/or type of goods that can be purchased on the Site. The Customer shall be informed via email shoud his/her order be unfulfillable due to lack of availability of the ordered product.


Product prices are indicated in € (Euro) and include applicable taxes and/or fees. Delivery costs are not considered, unless expressly indicated in writing.
EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE undertakes to check whether all prices indicated on the website are correct, though without ensuring that there are no mistakes. Should there be a mistake in the pricing of a product, EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE shall grant the Customer the chance to purchase the product at the revised price or to delete the order.


EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE reserves the right to create specific sales conditions or promotions on the Products in the website. The conditions applied to promotions shall be governed in each instance by EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE via targeted communications in writing posted on the website.
Concerning what is not expressly governed, these General Sales Terms and Conditions shall apply.

5.Placing an Order

The Customer shall be guided through the order placement process via a series of simple instructions on the Site.
To place an order, the Customer must input the product quantity he/she wishes to purchase (up to four (4) units per product).
To place the desired quantity of the desired product on the Shopping Bag, The Customer must click on the Shopping Bag icon;
The Customer can click on "Add to Shopping Bag" to place the selected product in the selected quantity in the Shopping Bag. The Customer can decide to continue to purchase other products and add them to his/her Shopping Bag or proceed to checkout by clicking on "Proceed to Checkout". At any time the Customer can check on the products in his/her bag by clicking on "Proceed to Checkout" on every page. The Customer can remove products from his/her bag by clicking on the "Remove" button close the product in the bag.
The Customer must always follow the instructions on the Site to complete the order. The Customer has the ability to always edit mistakes in the inserted data or change the content of the bag by adding or removing one or more products, or to delete the whole order before sending it.
By sending an order, the Customer recognizes and declares that he/she read all the instructions supplied during the checkout process and accepts these General Sales Terms and Conditions without reservations.
The Customer can send an order for the selected products via the Site by clicking on Complete the Order at the end of the purchase procedure, which allows the Customer to be made aware that he/she is entering into a contract with the obligation to pay.
Once the order is confirmed, the "Thank you for your order" message will appear; the Customer shall shortly receive an email confirming the order. An order summary can still be printed.
Once the order has been sent, the Customer soon receives and email confirming the receipt of the order. Pursuant to art. 54 of the Consumer Code and art. 13 of the Ecommerce Decree, the confirmation email shall have to contain a summary of the General Sales Terms and Conditions, the relevant informations to the essential characteristics of the purchased products; details of price and payment methods, delivery cost info, info on support services and existing commercial guarantees.
For any order issue it is recommended that the Customer writes to the following email address commerciale@marjposa.it .
Once the product is sent, the order can no longer be edited or deleted. The sent products can however be returned in compliance with what is indicated in the General Sales Terms and Conditions.

6.Purchase Methods

The essential features and prices of products are indicated in the offer related to each Product on the Site.
To purchase products the Customer shall have to fill out a form and send to EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE The Customer shall put the product in the appropriate shopping bag and, after checking out and accepting the shipment cost contribution and the General Sales Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Conditions on the Right of Withdrawal, shall have to select the type of payment desired and select the "Complete the order and proceed with the payment" option.

7.Conclusion of the contract of sale

The contract stipulated between EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE and the Customer shall be deemed to be concluded once the order is placed by the Customer, in compliance with the procedure laid down on the Site and once debit authorization is obtained by the company of the credit card used by the Customer for the payment, and payment is accepted.
The order confirmed by the Customer shall be binding for EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE only if the entire purchase procedure is properly and regularly completed, with no errors highlighted by the Site. EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE shall not be liable for any malfunction caused by the network provider
By sending the order to EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE the Customer acknowledges and declares to have read all indications given to him/her during the purchase procedure and to accept the General Terms in full and without reservations.
The purchase order shall be stored in the Site data bank for the time it takes to fulfill the order
EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE sahll send the Customer, via email, an order confirmation with the essential characteristics of the purchased products and all the info on the support services and the existing commercial guarantees, the withdrawal conditions, detailed pricing, payment method chosen by the Customer and delivery costs. The Customer shall without delay verify the content of the message and immediately indicate in writing to EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE any mistakes or omissions.

8.Payment methods

The Customer shall be able to complete payment of the products and related delivery costs via credit card, Cash On Delivery or bank transfer made in advance. The following credit cards are accepted:
The transaction shall be debited to the Customer credit c ard only after the credit card data is verified, once authorization is received by the credit card company and the product availability is confirmed by EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE , then after the order is ready to be fulfilled.
The order amount shall be debited once the Customer sends the order to EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE
EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE shall not be liable for any delay or missed delivery of a product when the Customer credit card company refuses or does not authorize the charge for any reason.

9.Transportation and Delivery

All orders shall be processed and delivered on weekdays (monday to friday, except on holidays). Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays shall be processed on the following Monday. EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE shall not be liable for unforeseen delays, being understood that, without prejudice to cases of force majeure, Products shall be delivered within a maximum of thirty (30) days from the day after the Customer sent the order to EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE unless the latter communicates any unavailability of the product, even temporary, to the Customer within the same time frame.
If the product is unavailable the amount already paid by the Customer shall be reimbursed withing 14 days from said communication.
No deliveries shall be made to PO Boxes our outside the Italian territory..
For every order on the Site, EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE shall issue a receipt of the goods sent, to the holder of the order. To issue the receipt the info supplied by the Customer are valid.
No receipt variation shall be possible after it's been issued.
Delivery cost shall be borne by the Customer and are clearly highlighted in the Order Form. These might change based on the type of shipment selected and the place of destination provided.
All purchases shall be delivered via GLS Enterprise courier (below, "Courier") send on the workday after the order has been placed
To deliver the goods, the Customer or an appointee must be present at the delivery address indicated on the order. Once the Courier delivers the goods, the Customer must check that:
(i) the number of packages corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document;
(ii)the package is intact, undamaged or altered in any way, even in its sealing materials.
Any damage to the packaging and/or the product or lack of correspondence on the number of packages or indications must be immediately contested, reserving the right to check in writing on the proof of delivery of the Courier. Once the Courier document has been signed, the Customer shall not be able to claim anything about the external features of what has been delivered.
Should the package be damaged due to transportation but still be accepted by the Customer without any of the aforementioned reservations EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE shall not be considered liable for any damage later claimed by the Customer for such reasons.
The delivery time indicated in the Site is purely indicative. No compensation can be claimed to EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE in case of damages due to any delivery delay and/or interruption and/or total or partial suspension not stemming from any fault on EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE side. The same goes for any delay, interruption or suspension caused by: work breaks, labour disturbances, delays caused by suppliers, lack of energy, suspension of transportations and so on. The aformentioned hypothesis are listed by way of example and not limited to
If the Customer isn't present at the indicated delivery address upon delivery, the Courier shall contact the holder of the order to schedule another delivery.
The Customer shall be able to contact customer care at the commerciale@marjposa.it address to get more info on the delivery of the ordered Product should it not have been delivered in the indicated time frame, indicating the order number, name and surname, address and city in which the delivery shall take place.
Should the delivery of the product be impossible for any temporary unavailability of the Customer, the Customer shall be able to contact the customer care service at the commerciale@marjposa.it email address. Should the continous unavailabilty or repeated delivery attempts entail additional costs, these shall be charged to the customer.
Shipment number
EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE shall send a confirmation email to the Customer once the products have been shipped.
In order to ensure Product delivery, EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE shall keep the tracking number on each delivery.

10.Right of Withdrawal

Pursuant to art. 52 of the Consumer Code, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract, with no need to justify his/her decision, within 14 days from receiving the product.
The Customer shall inform of his/her intention to withdraw by writing to this email address commerciale@marjposa.it indicating all order details such as number and description of products he/she intends to return. If the Products listed in the invoice do not match up with the Products delivered, the Customer shall contact EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE at the following email address commerciale@marjposa.it .
In case the withdrawal right is exercised EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE shall reimburse the total Products price within thirty (30) days from the date when EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE acknowledges the withdrawal from the Customer, provided that products are returned intact without having been used. Reimbursements shall be credited to the same payment method used for the initial transaction.
The package shall be shipped to EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE by registered letter with a return receipt within 14 days from the moment when the Customer informs EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE of his/her intention to exercise withdrawal rights. Direct shipment cost related to Product return shall be borne by the Customer. EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE accepts no responsibility for products lost during transportation, which shall not be reimbursed.
The Customer shall be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is nec¬essary to ascertain the nature, features and operation of the Product. Should the returned Products be damaged (for instance with signs of wear, abrasions, scratches, deformations, etc.), incomplete in all of their components and accessories (including tags and labels), missing the enclosed instructions/notes/manuals from the original packaging and the warranty certificate, where one exists, the Customer shall only have the right to be reimbursed for the residuate Product value caused by the decrease in value of of the Product. To this end the Customer is invited not to tamper the goods beyond what is strictly required to establish its nature, features and operations and to cover the original Product case with another protective packaging aimed at preserving its integrity and protect it during transportation and also from any other labelling or writings.

11.Legal guarantee of compliance;

In the case of a lack of conformity, the Customer shall be entitled to have the goods brought into conformity free of charge by repair or replacement under the following conditions, subject to Product availability. Should the Product be unavailable or impossible to repair and/or restore and/or replace, EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE shall reimburse it by crediting the consideration.
EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE is responsible, pursuant to art 130 of the Consumer Code, for any lack of conformity that shows up within two years from Product delivery.
All rights of the Customer as foreseen in art 130 comma 2 are waived if said lack of conformity isn't notified to the Seller within two months from the discovery of said lack of conformity. Complaint isn't needed if EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE has recognized the existence of said fault.
Any direct action to enforce faults non-wilfully concealed expires after 26 months from Product delivery.
A Customer that intends to ask for a reimbursement shall have to follow the instructions indicated in the Withdrawal conditions specifically indicating as a motive "Damaged, non-compliant Product or incorrect transfer" and enclose one or more images of the aforementioned article where the non-conformity is clearly visible.
The Customer shall receive a confirmation email containing the Courier contacts and all instructions to proceed with shipping the returning Product.
The authorization to return the Product in no way acknowledges the Product non-conformity, which shall have to be assessed by EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE after the product has returned.
EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE reserves the right to proceed with reimbursing the non-compliant article only after carrying out the proper quality controls to verify the non-conformity of the returned product.
Should the Product non-conformity be confirmed, EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE shall proceed with Product replacement if the Product is available, or with the reimbursemente on the same payment method used for the purchase.
The risk of losing or damaging the goods for reasons not attributable to EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE (so with the exception of a Product faulty ab origine) is transferred to the Customer when the latter when the Customer or a third party designated by him/her, materially takes possession of the goods.

12.Guarantee of authenticity;

EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE ensures that all products purchased via the website are authentic.
Products bearing the Marjposa Phytocosmesi brand are created in accordance with the existing regulations applicable to cosmetic products.

13. Brands

Marjposa Phytocosmesi and all realted graphic elements, photos, logos and product / services names are EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE or it subsidiaries are trade marks, whether registered or not. These trade marks, logos and other proprietary graphic elements cannot be used in conjunction with any other product or service without prior written consent by EURO PRITTI SRL UNIPERSONALE .