The term comes from “phytón - plant” e “kósmēsis -the action of adorning”. It's called Phytocosmetics that type of cosmetics that uses vegetable and natural products, with no chemical additives. In the Marjposa phylosophy making phytocosmetic products means to go back to nature and make us more beautiful for it.

Marjposa Phytocosmesi principles

The formulation of Marjposa Phytocosmetic products consists in a cosmetic base of natural origin (there is absolutely no trace of parabens), functional substances that ensure the specific action of the cosmetic are also exclusively of vegetable and natural origin and are extracted with methods that preserve its properties as much as possible. One of the extraction methods of the functional active ingredients used by our labs, for instance, is the Biological Liquefaction but also fresh juices and from Enzymatic activation

Advantages when using Marjposa Phytocosmesi

What are the advantages of using Marjposa Phytocosmesi? Using these products, precisely by virtue of the quality of functional substances and the care used in the formulation, stimulates cellular response, in other words what happens to our skin: treated tissues are are prompted to reach naturally and gently and this triggers the regeneration processes.

Moreover, the concentration of functional substances in Marjposa products is really high, so the cosmetic is truly effective. Every formulation is studied with the greatest of care.