Active ingredients or functional substances?

In cosmetics, an ingredient is active if it actively contributes to bring about an improvement to the surface it's applied to. A functional substance is an ingredient that ensures a function specific to a certain formulation to improve the surface it's applied to.
Active Ingredients

Phytocosmetic functional substances.

In Phytocosmetics, many are the functional substances available. Their research and selection is fundamental to obtain cosmetics that provide specific, focused and effective actions. Research continues tirelessly in Marjposa labs to ensure safety and effectiveness to our cosmetic product lines. Functional substances come from: minerals, where we find trace elements and salts; vegetable, where we find, among others, oils and butters; the animal kingdom, where we find honey, pollen and propolis
Functional substances possess what we call cosmetic action, and there are many we could list. For instance, if we're considering toning action, we're talking about functional substances that confer freshness, firmness and tone to the skin. If we're referring to an antioxidant function we're talking about substances that obstruct the formation of free radicals, which are responsible for the premature skin aging. Some other very notable and requested functions are the moisturizing, soothing, antibacterial, calming and purifying ones.

A functional active ingredient produced using Drosera Ramantacea, has a slimming, remodeling and anti-cellulite function.
They have great antioxidant and antiaging properties
The most effective functional ingredients to prevent ageing come from the sea.
It's white-colored and has emollient, nourishing and elasticising properties, and also a delicate fragrance.
The peptides Extracted from the beautiful Hibiscus flower have an immediate lifting effect and the ability to smooth out small wrinkles.
It's soothing and detoxifying properties are well known.
Ozone isn't just the natural protection for our planet against UV rays, it also contains many beneficial properties for our beauty.
These substances have a strong soothing effect also on difficult to treat imperfections.
It's been used since ancient times for body care and has antimicrobial, rebalancing, anti-inflammatory, draining and purifying properties.
From the seeds of the beautiful Camellia Japonica a vegetable oil is Extracted, a precious tool for skin beauty.
Quartz crystals have refreshing, exfoliating, revitalising and brightening properties for your skin.
Cherries or Raspberries beautiful red colour comes from Anthocyanines.
Neem Oil comes from the seeds of the plant of the same name and has been used in India for millennia for its numerous antibacterial properties-
Phytosterols are Extracted from these grains - these are very active substances in the lipolytic processes.
Grapefruit Seed Extract has powerful antiviral, purifying, antibacterial and immune-boosting properties thanks to the bioflavonoids it contains.
Shea butter has moisturizing, nourishing, emollient, regenerating, antioxidant properties.