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Is important to show velvety and hydrated hands and lips!

With our Hands/Feet Butter and Lip balm with Neem Oil you will no longer have dryness and redness problems!
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New entries in Marjposa Bodycare !

Discover the new Green Coffee Body Lotion to fight the cellulite!!
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An exceptional Body Lotion to prevent Stretch marks !

Also,from a constant search for natural and green active ingredients and raw materials, an exceptional Body Lotion to prevent Stretch marks and to improve skin elasticity is born!
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Must-have for 2021

Vegetable Hand Cream Shea and Argan Oil 100 ml
Vegetable lip balm with Neem Oil 4,5 ml
City Proof Face Creams 24 H 50 ml
Not-so-secret ingredients... ;-)

Adipo Trap

A precious tool for skin beauty.


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