Professional Phytocosmetics to be included in daily beauty routine.

Professional Phytocosmetics for personal daily beauty routine.

Marjposa Phytocosmesi production has two product concepts: one dedicated to beauty centers and salons and one dedicated to the non-professional audience.

Professional Product lines, divided into two macro categories - face care and body care - were created with the intention of meeting the demands of beauty centers clientele. Each line is accompanied by a precise protocol to use products, in order to ensure its effectiveness. A Marjposa Phytocosmesi treatment is a real beauty ritual, and as with every ritual it follows specific steps, ad hoc application techniques and carefully studied timings.

Each line bears a name that makes its function clear right away - for instance, the Slow Age face line is formulated to help the skin counter the passage of time. Its active ingredients extracted by algae, Vitamin E, the Almond Oil it contains have restructuring and rejuvenating functions.

Other times the predominant functional substances are those that define the name of product lines, such as for instance the Ozone body collection, which has an oxygenating, anti-pollution and tissue-protective function.

Every beauty ritual, especially professional ones, contains treatment preparations and conclusion phases that require specific products, that's why Marjposa formulated cosmetics with preparatory functions, such as the M+Derm Plus Preparer Gel, that g ets the skin ready for any subsequent treatment, both on face and body.

What makes this Marjposa professional cosmetics proposal really complete is a mixture of essential oils, massage oils with precious and refined substances, such as Date Oil.

Non-professional product lines are created as a way to maintain in-room treatments with the same quality and effectiveness. In this case too the formulations cover all beauty routine steps, from cleansing to nourishing to hydration.

Our textures

Marjposa, on all of its product lines, paid close attention not just to raw materials but also to texture pleasantness and fragrances, without using synthetic substances. There are state-of-the-art Phytocosmetic derivatives and aromas from essences, biomimetic peptides (such as in Botox-like vials) and Hibiscus Flower extracts.

These are the must-haves of the Marjposa Phytocosmetic production.

The must-haves of Marjposa Phytocosmetic production can be grouped with different references, which are our guidelines. First of all, the company strives so that every comsetic product is totally Made in Italy, from raw materials to functional active ingredients, to research labs. It's important that the concentration of functional substances on every cosmetic product is high, we always try to get to the max of what is allowed. The functional substances that we use always come from in-depth careful research, which always take up a lot of time and effort. The active ingredients we use are very specific and, above all, are always state-of-the-art derivatives from flowers and plants. Among the active substances we use there are: Boswellic Acid, Alpine Epilobium and Oleosoft®, to name a few.

Our cosmetic products are formulated in a focused and "tailored" way in order to get the maximum effectiveness, but we also consider their ease of use, especially on professional product lines. Marjposa is also very careful in selecting functional active ingredients extraction methods, since the effectiveness of the ingredient depends on it. On Marjposa cosmetic products preference is given to functional active ingredients extracted via:

  • Biological Liquefaction (an extraction process through which the vegetable is disjointed at molecular level to obtain pure and concentrated active ingredients). Their low molecular weight makes them more effective.
  • Enzymatic Activation of vegetable oils through biological degradation with triglycerides enzymes. This is how you free up the energy content of oils, so that they can actively interact with metabolic processes.
  • Natural Liposomes. Imagine some spherical pellets containing the active ingredient - these are made of a double layer that facilitates dermal absorption. The main ingredient is Phosphatidylcholine obtained from non-GMO soy.

Finally, Marjposa does its best to align to all those good common sense regulations that are nowadays necessary to those who are aware of the environmental emergency, without giving up on packaging elegance, real product effectiveness and care for sensory pleasantness (Neurocosmetics) that is expressed through delicate aromas.