Professional Products - Face Care

Marjposa Phytocosmesi professional products are destined for beauty centers, where they're used for complete treatments under accurate operational protocols.
Universal Gel

Face and Body Global Action

An innovative product that combines active ingredients that make the skin more flexible.

My+D Plus Preparer Gel 200 ml

Global action
Re Smooth

A smooth and spotless skin

A line based on Mandelic Acid with the purpose of exfoliating, clarifying and smoothing out any type of skin, even the most sensitive.

Re Smooth Mandelic Acid 30% Smoothing Fluid 50 ml

For thickened skin or with skin spots

Re Smooth 24 H Face Cream 50 ml

For thickened skin or with skin spots

Re Smooth Mandelic Acid Fluid 15% Smoothing 50 ml

For thickened skin or with skin spots
Re Pure

Rebalances your skin

Re Pure is the product line dedicated to the care of your face, for those younger skins that produce sebum in excess that need to be purified.

Oxygenating and Purifying Face Synergy 30 ml

Blemished/Combination Skin

Re Pure sebum-balancing Gel-based Face Mask 200 ml.

Blemished/Combination Skin
Re Lift

Smooths out your skin without any surgery

Re Loft is the Marjposa Phytocosmesi anti-age line with lifting effect, suited for mature, devitalised and relaxed skin.

Re Lift Gel Face Mask 200 ml.

Mature and Relaxed Skin
City Proof

Protect your skin with a natural anti-pollution barrier.

City Proof is the product line that protects your skin against pollution and purifies it by oxygenating it. Its formulation reduces oxidative stress caused by smog and other external factors

Oxygenating and Purifying Face Synergy 30 ml

Micro-dust and Smog protection

Ozone Cream Mask 200 ml

Micro-dust and Smog protection

Quench your skin

The Hydra Soothe product line is specifically formulated for the very dehydrated and easily irritable types of skin.

Hydrasoothe Gel Face Mask 200 ml

Sensitive/dehydrated/irritable Skin
Uniqua Cream

Finish every treatment in style

Every room treatment follows a precise ritual. First you prepare your skin so it gets more receptive, then the specific products are applied with the greatest care and attention and finally you finish the treatment with one last essential touch. The Uniqua Cream has been formulated specifically for this as it's essential to leave the skin elastic, fresh and nourished.

Uniqua Finale Face Cream 200 ml

Global action
Plasma del Mar

Beauty that comes from the Sea

With its precious marine Extracts, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil, the Plasma del mar product line is ideal if your need to restructure and renew your skin, aiding it in countering the first signs of ageing.

Plasma del Mar Face Mask 200 ml

Dull and to be revitalized skin

Healthy, Cleansed Skin

Taking care of your skin means first of all keeping it clean. Make up residues, smog, micro-particles, unhealthy habits might alter its balance - to preserve it, a good daily cleanse is essential.

Multifunctional Cleansing Milk 500 ml

For normal / delicate skin

Multifunctional Toning Lotion 500 ml

For normal / delicate skin