Body Care

Treat your body right, you deserve it. Get nature's help to always have perfect, soft and moisturized skin; light legs, light hands.

Wonderfully dry oils for your skin

Smart products to rejuvenate, relax and firm up the body. Dry Oils that leave the skin soft, dry and pleasantly perfumed. If you want silk-like hair, try the dry oil that works best for you.

Dry Oil White silver mountain - 100 ml

Dry and dehydrated skin
Exfoliants and Scrubs

Keyword: Renewal

Marjposa exfoliants and scrubs naturally and sweetly heal your skin. They delicately remove dead skin, brightening up your face and making it smoother and softer.

Sugar and Shea Butter Body Scrub 500 ml

Thickened Skin

Quartz Crystals Scrub 150 ml

Thickened Skin
Creams and Butters

Body's wellbeing starts from the skin

Body creams with rich and effective formulations, Butters with surprising textures and irresistible fragrances. Choose how you want to Take good care of your body.

NOBLE JASMINE Body Lotion 200 Ml

Dry and dehydrated skin


Dry and dehydrated skin


Sweet Cherry cream, Body Cream 200 ml


Vegetable Hand Cream Shea and Argan Oil 100 ml

Dry and dehydrated skin

Body Creamy Butter 250 ml

Dry and dehydrated skin

Hand/Feet Butter 100 ml

Dry and dehydrated skin

Clay Cream Green – Green clay 250 ml

Remodelling and Reshaping

Body Lotion Stretch Marks, Unstressed Skins 200 Ml

Stretch Marks Prevention and Adjuvant

Body Cream GREEN COFFEE Cellulite Shaping Remedy 200 Ml

Localized Cellulite