Marjposa Phytocosmesi, in the heart of well-being.

We craft cosmetics from carefully studied combinations of functional active ingredients that come from flowers and plants. We take to heart where raw materials come from and we favor the ones in our territory. We select coworkers that share our phylosophy and that know that to create beauty products is to create well-being products.
About Us

The Marjposa Phytocosmesi project

Marjposa Phytocosmesi was founded in 2009 by Andrea Zuccolo and Matteo Vicari, two young entrepreneurs from Vicenza that had been working for years in the professional aesthetic cosmetics field, especially in the research of high quality innovative solutions. The goal is to introduce phytocosmetics that can meet the need for a perfect balance between nature and science, skin safety, environmental care and real effectiveness. That's why, since it's been founded, Marjposa employs a web of expert collaborators such as chemists, labs specialized in phytocosmetics, medical and dermatological studies.

Marjposa operating headquarters are in Castegnero, immersed in a green environment at the foot the Berici Hills close to Vicenza. Here are the administrative departments, the commercial and marketing department, shipments leave from here to Italy and other European countries.

What is a Phytocosmetic?

Phytos means vegetable in greek - a Phytocosmetic is therefore a product whose composition derives mainly from vegetable extracts, as well as its main function derives from elements that come from the vegetable kingdom and are natural.
Effective Cosmetics, always.

Beauty rituals, operational and cosmetic protocols for your daily beauty routine

To benefit from a complete Marjposa beauty ritual you need to rely on the skilled hands of those who work in one of the 5-stars certified Marjposa beauty centers. Cosmetics destined to the public are created as a perfect complement to maintain in-room treatments, of which they maintain quality and effectiveness, are used autonomously at home, and are meant to be part of your daily beauty routine.

Marjposa Phytocosmetic product lines are dedicated to the care of both your face and your body. These are complete product lines that, concerning face care products, cover every step of your daily beauty routine. Cleansing products, serums, purifying masks, scrubs, deeply soothing, moisturizing or purifying creams, every type of sking has its most suitable and effective product. There are also body scrubs, deeply nourishing creams and products for hands and feet care.