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Centro Marjposa 5 Stelle

Nome Negozio

Via Italia Unita, 46
36100 Vicenza (VI)
Tel. 0444.000000
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Marjposa accurately handpicks beauty salons that share our philosophy. Phytocosmetics, beauty intended as well-being, innovation, natural cosmetics. Contact us if you share these principles and want to become part of the Marjposa family, introducing our treatments and products in your beauty center.

What is a 5 star Marjposa Beauty Center?

Becoming a 5 star Marjposa Beauty Center means believing in cosmetics that are closer to nature, limiting the use of synthetic substances and favoring products formulated with plants and flowers extracts and functional phytocosmetic substances.

A 5 star Marjposa beauty center is a beauty salon where the Marjposa philosophy is applied in its entirety and the personnel training is always at the forefront, as much as the constant update

In a 5 star Marjposa Center the potential and effectiveness of each product or combination of product is well known and studied in-depth. This is a big advantage, especially for customers, who can choose among a range of beauty rituals with tried-and-true effectiveness, or they can request a totally custom treatment based on his/her wants and needs.

Finally, each 5 star center appointment is a unique multi-sensory experience that gives and small relaxing break with the use of precious essential oils with inebriating fragrances.