Adipo Trap

A functional active ingredient produced using Drosera Ramantacea, has a slimming, remodeling and anti-cellulite function.
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Adipo Trap

Carnivorous plants, rare and fascinating, manage to live in extremely poor soils thanks to the development of traps to imprison and digest prey as an alternative source of nutrition. These special conditions have pushed the metabolism of these plants to create an extremely particular phytocomplex.

Adipo Trap is a functional active ingredient produced using Drosera Ramantacea, a carnivorous plant with sprawling leaves covered with a sticky secretion, which is the real trap for prey. The sundew reacts to contact with insects by moving the tentacles, and thus imprisons them.

The phytocomplex extracted from this plant is able to modulate the metabolism of adipocytes by acting as an active ingredient with slimming, remodeling and anti-cellulite action. Adipo trap is obtained with the bioliquefaction technique, one of the latest techniques for obtaining active ingredients with minimal environmental impact.
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Green Coffee Body Line

Find the products that contain Adipo Trap, extracted with cutting-edge methods, to guarantee its effectiveness. We used Adipo Trap in the Green Coffee body treatment line: slimming, remodeling and anti-cellulite.
Green Coffee Peptide activator 250 ml
Green Coffee Body Mask 500 ml
Green Coffee Massage Oil 500 ml
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