Creams and Butters

Body Creamy Butter 250 ml

An excellent Butter with creamy texture and delicate fragrance, formulated and designed for dry and dehydrated skin, with immediate and long-lasting moisturizing action.
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Substances and functional active ingredients
With Illipe Butter, Cocoa Butter, Olive oil and Carob Extract
Who is it for?
For very dehydrated and dry skin
How do I use it?
Apply the Butter on the target areas and massage until completely absorbed.
4 out of 5
Corinna M. wrote:
Very dry skin, especially on my legs - the butters I had tried in the past never really got absorbed and would leave some kind of film on my skin. I wanted to try one last time with the Marjposa Creamy Butter and I'm very happy with it. Besides the fragrance, which is great, this super creamy Butter is really fantastic! It gets absorbed and leaves your skin elastic and moisturized
Active Ingredients

Illipe Butter

It's white-colored and has emollient, nourishing and elasticising properties, and also a delicate fragrance.
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