Lotions and Make-up removers

Face/Eyes/Lips Make-up remover Oil 100 ml

A mixture of precious vegetable oils to delicately remove make up on face, eyes and lips. A Fragrance-free formulation also for particularly delicate skin.
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Substances and functional active ingredients
with Date, Jojoba, Sesame and Sunflower oil.
Who is it for?
To remove waterproof make-up from Face, eyes and lips
4 out of 5
Sara M. wrote:
I got some advice from my beautician as I wanted to try a Phytocosmetic product, despite being very skeptical, I must say I was happy with the make up-remover oil. I use long-lasting mascara and lipsticks, hard to remove, and I didn't think that a natural product could remove makeup so deeply without being aggressive. It's a nice find
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Face/Eyes/Lips Make-up remover Oil 100 ml
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