It's soothing and detoxifying properties are well known.
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Konjac is an Asian perennial plant used in traditional eastern medicine. It's soothing and detoxifying properties are well known. It's particularly appreciated in cosmetics for its hygroscopic abilities due to the high percentage of glucomannan it contains. It inflates when in contact with water, as well as absorbing humidity from the skin when it touches it, ensuring a great moisturizing and replumping effect.
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The functional ingredients we use are always well researched, Extracted with state-of-the-art methods to ensure their effectiveness and are also really rich in beneficial properties. We use them in different formulations based on the purpose each cosmetic serves. We used Neem Oil on these products.
Re Smooth 24 H Face Cream 50 ml
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Active Ingredients

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Want to find out about all the active ingredients that compose our products? Find out about all the ingredients we use to manufacture our phytocosmetic products.
It's been used since ancient times for body care and has antimicrobial, rebalancing, anti-inflammatory, draining and purifying properties.
These substances have a strong soothing effect also on difficult to treat imperfections.
Cherries or Raspberries beautiful red colour comes from Anthocyanines.
Shea butter has moisturizing, nourishing, emollient, regenerating, antioxidant properties.