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Body Lotion Stretch Marks, Unstressed Skins 200 Ml
Slow Age Face Cream 50 ml + Face vial 5 ml
Dermo-active Synergy Pain Relief 50 50 ml
Want to find out about all the active ingredients?
Active Ingredients

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Want to find out about all the active ingredients that compose our products? Find out about all the ingredients we use to manufacture our phytocosmetic products.
Ozone isn't just the natural protection for our planet against UV rays, it also contains many beneficial properties for our beauty.
Grapefruit Seed Extract has powerful antiviral, purifying, antibacterial and immune-boosting properties thanks to the bioflavonoids it contains.
Cherries or Raspberries beautiful red colour comes from Anthocyanines.
The most effective functional ingredients to prevent ageing come from the sea.